8 Home Features That Are Sealing Deals In 2022!

Outdoor spaces, sustainability, and overall functionality are top investment priorities for homebuyers. It pays to focus on both what prospective buyers want and features you’ll enjoy for as long as you live in the home.

1. Laundry Rooms – Often overlooked, but never unappreciated, laundry rooms have made their way onto the top of everyone’s priory list. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders listed laundry rooms as buyers’ most-wanted home feature. Having a place to hide dirty clothes and stack clean ones, until they can be put away, is really valuable when buyers are looking at homes. If you don’t have an existing laundry room, and want to add one, the basement is the easiest and cheapest place to put it.

2. Windows – Skylights, oversized windows, and sliding glass doors incorporate the landscape and offer a strong indoor-outdoor connection. In addition to the natural light from windows, a simple coat of white paint around the frames offers the appearance of light and makes a space feel bigger.

3. Home Offices – The demand for home offices increased by 108% in 2021 making it one of the most sought out specialty rooms. The widespread pivot to working from home makes transforming a guest bedroom into an office space a smart move to appeal to buyers. Multi-purpose rooms help buyers visualize ways they can maximize their space.

4. Exterior Kitchens – Buyers love to picture themselves entertaining, and there’s a new take on kitchen living growing in popularity. More than just a grill and a table, a fully functional exterior kitchen creates an outdoor experience. One survey showed outdoor kitchens as the most popular among ANY kitchen project for 2022.

5. Solid Surfaces Floors – The days when carpet was the most-desired floor type are long gone. Hardwood floors are timeless because they offer a natural look and are easier to maintain and less allergenic. Rip out old carpet and replace with new flooring or refinish existing wood floors. Alternatively, more and more homeowners are using materials such as luxury vinyl because it’s durable, waterproof and mimics natural wood.

6. Exercise Rooms – Health and fitness equipment revenue took off in 2021, and new research shows nearly half of all home buyers are interested in exercise rooms. Selling an idea to buyers can help them visualize themselves in a space. Dedicated spaces to align with wellness goals can be achieved by staging a room to look like a home gym, yoga, or meditation room.

7. Outdoor Spaces – Why go out when you can stay in? Homeowners want to maximize the square footage of their homes, so investing in exterior living spaces such as a patio, deck, or front porch feel like an extension of the home. Another outdoor feature that gives sellers an edge but is often overlooked is exterior lighting. Lighting could be an inexpensive way to add to the ambiance and overall appeal of outdoor spaces. Even minor landscaping refreshes can up your curb appeal and set your home apart.

8. Go Green – Climate-conscious buyers will pay more for homes with sustainable features such as solar panels or upgraded insulation. Lower electric bills and an overall decrease in energy consumption may be worth the price tag. For a more budget friendly addition, a ceiling fan can also improve the perceived value of a home. Ceiling fans not only improve the home’s aesthetic, they help lower cooling costs during warmer months. In addition to energy efficiency, buyers want the convenience and control of smart home features such as refrigerators, thermostats, or security systems.

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