It takes effort to prepare your home for sale! Small changes can have a big impact on value and our experienced agents can help you prioritize projects to maximize return.

1. Boost your curb appeal – Make a great first impression with simple landscaping chores! Cut the grass, rake leaves, pull weeds, and trim overgrown shrubbery. Swap out tired house numbers or the mailbox with something fun and modern. Add a couple of flower planters or a new welcome mat for a splash of color.

2. Depersonalize living areas – Clutter can be distracting and might cause buyers to worry that the home won’t have ample space for their own belongings. A clean sweep is invaluable!

3. Touch-up and repairs – Convey your pride of ownership with a freshly painted front door, fix blemishes in walls or trim, verify windows and doors are operating smoothly, replace burnt-out light bulbs, repair plumbing leaks, and ensure all appliances are in good working order.

4. Deep Clean – Roll up your sleeves and dive in! A thorough cleaning only costs time and elbow grease. If you don’t have enough hours in the day to DIY, our agents can recommend reliable professional cleaning services. Window and carpet cleanings are great tasks to delegate and well worth the expenditure.

5. Staging – Well-placed furniture and tasteful art pieces can make a room feel larger, inviting, and functional. Our agents will help maximize your space and bring out the best in your home to create an eye-catching listing and generate maximum interest!

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